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Juliann Lavallee


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Hell Hath No...

Gods, love, and death.

Featured: Juliann Lavallee (as Loki) & Jennifer Carter (as Freya) at El Barrio Art Space.

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The Kiss

When a late night kiss becomes something more.

Featured : Jaqueline Reljic (as Miranda) and Juliann Lavallee (as Isabelle) in The Kiss at the Roebuck Theater.

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The Eight: Reindeer Monologues

Consent matters.

Featured: Juliann Lavallee as Vixen in The Eight at the Roebuck Theater.

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Discards: A Shakespearean Reshuffle

When revenge has a sense of humor.

Featured: Juliann Lavallee (as Hamlet) and Steven Smith (as Jaques) at Manhattan Reparatory Theater.

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C'est La Vie

What won't you do for an I do?

Featured: Juliann Lavallee, Leah Coconides, and Tziana Lepori at the Roebuck Theater.

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Steps to Home

When friends become family.

Featured: Juliann Lavallee (as Samantha) & Jane Kotlyar (as Kelly) at the Bridge Theater.

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A personal look at crime.

Featured: Chelsea Roth, Brazil Malik, Loldrup Lange, Maria Tsagurriya, Juliann Lavallee, and Kelcei Garber at Dixon Place.

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Power flows upstream.

Featured: Alexandra Cremer, Juliann Lavallee, Caeden Musser and Jesenia Pineda at Dixon Place.

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You can't live without air.

Featured: Juliann Lavallee (Newscaster)

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12 Angry Women

Justice has an angle.

Featured: Cheryl Carriere, Juliann Lavallee, Jane Kotlyar,  Youlim Nam, Lucille Hansen, Ursula Monteiro, Sonia Lopes, Laurie Kirk, Samantha Talbott, Jes Davis, Sarah Galvin, and Lorena Monagas at the Roebuck Theater.

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Vin & Jill

Come for the pizza stay for the community.

Behind the scenes. Featured: Juliann Lavallee & Morgan Sullivan.

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