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Damned Flyer.jpg


Featured a promotional poster for Damned, a new verse, second world fantasy play.

Art Credit: Matteo Zollo

Actors: Jesenia Pineda, Alex Rafala, Andrew Dinan, Becca Musser, Christopher Marshall, Brandon Mosley, Alexandra Cremer, Andrew Ricks, and Juliann Lavallee.

The Culture of Now

Featured a promotional poster for The Culture of Now, a frame play about the importance of art and community.

Photo Credit: Pam Jung

Actors: (from left to right) Juliann Lavallee & Jess Domain.

family drama night.png

Family Drama Night

Featured a promotional poster for Family Drama Night at Dixon Place. This theatrical evening featured new plays Bacon Clickbait by David Don Miller, Oh, Mother! by Nicholas Gentile, and Discards by Juliann Lavallee.

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